Altitude Global Energy

Altitude Global Energy is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned company with the in-house knowledge and expertise to design, integrate and install the most energy efficient solar, solar thermal and wind products available on the market to both commercial and residential clients.

We also bring our unique expertise to the NO COST TO CLIENT Energy Savings Assistance Program. Our highly qualified and experienced staff who are locally employed provide NO COST energy efficient upgrades and solutions to income qualified renters and homeowners. Click here to get more information on the ESAP.

Many of our staff have a prior military operational, engineering and technical background in the aerospace field. These highly developed engineering and technical skills provide a unique foundation for renewable energy solutions. We have worked with residential, commercial and government facilities to provide energy solutions (solar and wind).

AGE has also developed a highly sought after test location that enables us to test wind and solar energy solutions to IEC test standards. We work with innovative companies as they develop new technologies to solve energy problems.



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