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Energy Savings Assistance Program

AGE is an approved contractor under PG&E's Energy Savings Assistance Program which provides income-qualified renters and homeowners with easy, NO COST TO CLIENT solutions to help manage their energy use and save money on their monthly energy bills. For more detailed information to see if you qualify for the ESAP, click here

Renewable Energy Solutions

We design, integrate and install energy solutions for residential, commercial and government facilities. We are able to provide leading edge technology solutions for solar, solar thermal and wind products that provide a unique solution to our clients energy needs. Due to our extensive engineering and test background, we are able to design effective solutions that integrate all of these technologies which then provides our clients with a well rounded and sustainable renewable energy solution.

  • We talk to you about your energy goals and budget
  • We come to your home or commercial site and examine its unique environmental and physical characteristics
  • We identify the solar, solar thermal and/or wind energy products that will work best for you
  • We engineer a system that integrates the right energy products for your site
  • We install your custom solution
  • We provide monitoring and maintenance options
  • We guide you through the rebate process

IEC Test Location and Support Services

We have designed and built a standardised IEC renewable test site that enables us to provide long term testing of renewable prodcuts for our commercial clients. We work with innovative companies that have developed new technologies that require IEC testing to complete their Developmental Test phase.



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